Friday, June 22, 2018

Frugal Friday With Marsha - Still at the Motel

I have to start out by saying that I am sitting here shaking my head.  I was just downstairs and housekeeping was throwing 4 huge bags of blankets, comforters, and pillows into the dumpster.  I can't help but wonder why they do not donate those to a homeless shelter or another agency who will give them to families in need.  😮😦

It's been a good week away from the chaos that is usually surrounding me.  I find myself wishing I could just travel with hubby all the time.  I actually would if I didn't miss my family, if I didn't have activities at home that I would dearly miss, and if this motels wi-fi wasn't so spotty!  He's here at this motel at least 2 more weeks, and this is the second week in a row here.
I miss hubby when I only get to see him around 24 hours on a weekend.  It's been nice to see him every day.
(In case you are wondering, hubby's company pays for the motel stays.  He's also fortunate that he is reimbursed for his food up to $25 a day.  I didn't want to burden him to pay for my meals while I'm staying with him, so that is the reason for buying groceries for me.)

We shopped for my groceries for the week.  I bought a dozen eggs (brought the Eggtastic to cook them in the microwave), a box of saltines, a package of sugar wafer cookies, loaf of bread, mayonaise, 1 Armour lunch kit, a bag of cheese sticks, salt and pepper shakers (which we will also take on our family camping trip) and 2 bananas. 
Hubby had already bought my Dr. Pepper for the week, so we brought that with us.  We also had the free cranberry juice from last week's Friday Freebie that we brought along.

Those food items, along with foods that I got from the free breakfast, have had me eating a lot better than I usually do.  Most days I've brought up an apple or banana, a cup of yogurt, a glass of milk, peanut butter packets, margarine packets, plates, napkins, and plasticware from the breakfast room.  This along with drinking a glass of orange juice and eating a bit while in the breakfast room.

I've had the peanut butter either on apple slices or saltine crackers each day.  I've also had a yogurt each day.  And, I've had a glass of the cranberry juice each day.
One day a friend and her hubby came to visit and we ate lunch with them at the Huddle House.  One other day while out, hubby got called to deliver buns to the Burger King. Since it was lunch time, we went ahead and had lunch there as well.  We also at at Subway inside Wal-Mart when we went there to do the grocery shopping.

I'm pretty sure I have actually gained weight this week!

Speaking of the Friday Freebie, this week it's bagels, so you won't want to miss that.  Well, mine says free , but they are showing here bread.  Personally I would rather had had the bread.  Which did you get this week?

Free Nature's Own Perfectly Crafted White or Multigrain Bread

Here are some other freebies that you might want to check out:

Free Made In Nature Organic Supersnacks

Free Sample of bioDOGradable Bags

Free Coffee Grounds for Your Garden at Starbucks

Free Sample of Derma E Nourishing Shampoo & Conditioner

Free Healthy Pools Pool Test Kit

FREE 12 Easy Weeknight Dinners eCookbook

Hey! Hubby just called and is done working for the day super early today.  He wants to take me out to lunch.

Until next week, Frugal Ways to All!


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