Monday, May 28, 2018

Mailbox Monday -- May 28, 2018

Let me first day to everyone --

It's been a nice weekend visiting the graves of loved ones, and today going to my middle daughter's little town for their Memorial Day remembrance celebration. 

It wasn't too bad of a week for freebies, especially since I am just getting started  sending for them again.

I rec'd:
2 Time magazines
People magazine
Entertainment Weekly magazine
Samples of VCF birth control including $5 coupons
3 growth charts from the CDC
Ear Plugs from Macks.

Today I only sent for one thing:

Free Golden Road Brewing Keychain

You may want to check out this post!

2018 Memorial Day Freebies & Deals RoundUp

Until next week, Happy Freebie Hunting!

You might want to check out an earning site which is owned by a teamie friend of mine.  He's done a great job putting it together and you can earn cash and gift cards with your points. 


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