Friday, January 19, 2018

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- From Rugs and Rags to Riches

My title is just my silly play on words.
As you know, I have been trying to work through the clean your house in 30 days in just 20 minutes a day list.  One day was bedroom.  I spent my 20 minutes starting to clean off my dresser.  Along the way I hung up some clothes, sorted some clothes, started a donation box, and ran across a pile of t-shirts that I had put in a sack at a rummage sale.
I pick them up that way super cheap.   I cut strips in rounds, then take the tops to make rags.  I'm stocked up on rags again, and eventually I will get to making a toothbrush rug with the strips.  (Still working on another rug right now with cotton fabric strips.)

Today's 20 minutes was surface clean living room and kitchen.  I didn't make it to the kitchen as I actually spent more than the 20 minutes dusting wall decorations as well as dusting the entertainment center and cleaning all the devices and glass.

I got in the black soap from Recyclebank and have given it to the granddaughter I intended it for.  This week I ordered One Twine Full Circle Home Tidy Dish Cloth Set.   I also happened to see that I could get a years subscription to Modern Farmer for 0 points!!!

If you aren't a member of Recyclebank, first click the link in the above paragraph to join, then check out these ways to earn some points.   I am finding it well worth my time with the merchandise I am now getting, plus you learn a lot about the planet and recycling along the way too.

5 Free Recyclebank Points

5 Free Recyclebank Points

Don't forget your Friday Freebie!

Free Chobani Smooth Yogurt at Kroger & Affiliates

I have been a member of MyPoints for just over 20 years, yes, you read that right, 20 years!  (December 8, 1997).   Only recently I am stepping up my game and making sure to get the daily 5 list done each day for the bonus points.  I'm in hopes this will net me a $5 amazon gift card each month.   I will be able to cash out tomorrow or Sunday, so I will know for sure next month if it's possible.

I am giving another app a try.  I'm almost to $3 PayPal payout.  I will post results and the link and such next week after I see if it really does pay.

Our mortgage went down $60 a month, but unfortunately my hubby's car quit and he had to re-do a loan to get another one. That loan payment went up $60.  hhmmm
I plan to get rid of all cable except internet.  I have Hulu and Amazon Prime both, which will be more than enough to find things to watch.  The problem has been that we didn't have a working controller for the PlayStation to use them.  I cashed in 1000 sb with Swagbucks and ordered a set of 2 brand new controllers.  I paid $6.75 after the $10 was taken off, plus I bought through the ibotta app for an extra 36 cents back.  (Yes, could have also shopped through Swagbucks for the same amount back in sb, but I'm also working towards getting my ibotta to the $20 PayPal payout) (And, I did a deal on Hulu with Swagbucks and earned back 2000 sb for taking the $5.99 a month deal)

Well, I better close this post for this week.  Don't forget to link up any frugal, simple living, deals, savings type posts you might have to share!

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