Friday, December 8, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- More Food

Food seems to be the subject for me lately. 

This past week my daughter sent me home with ribs from the smokehouse where they work (Woodies).  Those were our meat for 2 nights.

As far as my shopping, I did my looking through ibotta.  I was actually looking for the 25 cents back on any cookies that my daughter had in her app.  Nope, not in mine.  There was 25 cents on any cottage cheese though, and I found they had some marked down to just 79 cents.  We ate that the 2 nights with our ribs.
I "splurged" and got myself an Oreo candy bar with 60 cents rebate too.
Otherwise my shopping was a bag of cat food and since I was hungry, I bought a box of the store brand bacon, egg, and cheese croissants.

My mom gave us some of her commodity foods-- box of cheese, can of peas, bag of oats, and macaroni noodles.

I had 2 free coupons for Cole's Middles from Influenster.  I was happy to find those at Wal-Mart when my daughter needed to go there after work one night.  These have made a fine snack.
Forgive me for not getting a picture of what I bought and using the picture from their website.

Although he didn't have the money to do so, hubby shopped anyway.   I understand the need to have food in the house, but we did have a little tiff about it.  I need him to make sure the bills are paid, and then see if there is anything left.
With all that, he didn't do too bad.  He spent under $30 for 5 boxes of Betty Crocker Potatoes, a 4 lb ham, the sub package of Oscar Mayer ham and turkey lunch meat, bologna, cheese slices, and Ramen noodles.
The ham will be for several meals, especially since yesterday he cooked up an entire large crock pot of ham and beans.  We ate that last night and will again tonight for supper.  Then, the rest is going into the freezer for another week.  I just don't really want to eat it 4 or 5 nights in a row!!  Freezing the remainder will ensure they don't go bad and give us meal options at a later time.

I'm in hopes of getting more freezer cooking done.  If we start looking for the best deals on meats and other foods and cooking ahead and freezing meals then we will be ahead of the game and always know that if there isn't any grocery money that there will be food in the freezer.  I'm going to discuss this with hubby this weekend and work hard to get him on board.

For inspiration in this area, I just bought this book for my Kindle app.  It can motivate me, and give me something to read during down time too.  I will be sure to post anything we make from it.

Again this week I am including a linky.  I would love it if you would share your own frugal type posts!


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