Wednesday, September 6, 2017

WIP Wednesday --Items to the State Fair

Well, I got my 4 entries taken to the state fair, but I was not able to finish the table runner.  In fact, it's only half done.
It's pretty tedious for me to work with the invisible thread, then I found that I didn't have enough red and green yo-yo's made.

I ended up entering the 12 x 34 inch valance that I am done with as a table runner in the holiday section.  This one that I am working on is to be 18 x 40 for the table runner.  I do still also have the second valance to get made.

That is all that I worked on this past week.  I was determined to finish it but just couldn't.  Now I've not worked on it for days....or anything else for that matter.
Hopefully I can get back in the swing of sewing every day again.   This yo-yo project needs to take top priority to work on daily.

Our state fair starts Friday and I will be busy with a fund raiser at church as well as going to the fair of course.  If I don't post next week it will be because I did nothing.......which won't surprise me at all.

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