Friday, August 18, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Saving Change

Do you save your change?  I have for years and years.  Most of the time I am saving it for something specific.  In recent years I've been saving it to help me pay to be able to attend the quilt retreats.
One time I was saving it just because and it ended up paying for 3 nights for us to rent a camper one vacation!

This past week I virtually had no money and it was the monthly ladies lunch and games day at church.  The other ladies decided amongst themselves that we would go to Spangles to eat. were my mom and I do do that with no money?
I've been putting my change in the change slots in the console of my car and the quarter slot was full and the nickel and dime slots were close to full.
I used that change to pay for our lunches!!

No, eating out is not really frugal, but saving your change is a good way to save up for a treat like that.   Plus, it's good socially and mentally to have the day out too.

Swagbucks saved me this week when my $25 PayPal redemption came in just in time to cover an automatic payment coming out of my PayPal and the cats were out of food and we were out of toilet paper, and my car was close to empty!
Even better news with Swagbucks is that I will have enough points today to cash out for another $25 in PayPal, that I'm sure again will come in just when I need it.

Speaking of cat food, I found out that Ibotta offers a small percent back for shopping amazon through my phone and that pet supplies is on their list.   I should have just enough left in my gift card balance to get another bag of cat food ordered, which should come in just when I run out of what I bought at the store tomorrow.   I've only been cashing out for amazon once a month through Swagbucks when I can get the once a month special to get the $25 gift card for 2200 sb instead of 2500.

Very nice to be able to earn online and with apps!

I'm super busy working on different sewing projects.  I will be getting more things listed for sale in my Etsy shop, plus I am getting things ready to enter into the State Fair.  You will see my progress on these items in my WIP Wednesday post.
Of course I am using supplies that I have won at the quilt retreats and that people have "handed down" to me when cleaning out their sewing rooms, or left overs from other projects.   I am very blessed to have an ongoing supply to keep my busy making things.

Until next week, let's keep on saving and earning!!

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