Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Bring Out Your Imagination with Handmade Collage by Seiko Kato

Handmade Collage is by Seiko Kato and includes 15 designs to cut and assemble.

Seiko creates collages on a very impressive scale.  She is an avid collector or found objects with a particular inspiration in antique medical books, etched drawings and encyclopedias.

The projects in the book will inspire you to start your own collection of images.  Images that will allow you to take those smaller elements and make them into something larger and surreal.

The book starts with Techniques, Tools, and Materials.    I'm including links to some of the tools and materials at the end of this post as I found out just how much you really do need them.

The book starts simple with 4 piece designs.  The designs have step by step illustrated instructions as well as each element needed for the design.
The element page is cut from the book, then each piece individually cut out and then created.

When I first looked through Handmade Collage, I admit thinking to myself that these things were on the strange side.  However, once I got started, I realized they really weren't strange at all.  The word surreal describes them well.  I had a good feeling as I cut each piece and then put them all together.
I look forward to doing the other projects in the book!! (Once I get those tools)
I did the first 2 collages:

Each collage gets progressively more "difficult" with many elements to add.  The last project in the book is the Tropical Utopia.  Won't that one be fun?!

I want to mention that there are extras of the elements in the back of the book.  That way if you mess up cutting one out, there is a back up.  If you don't mess up, you could make a second one.  Or......maybe you would like to take those elements and create your own design with them.  

I know that just making the first 2 simple collages that I found myself with the desire to grab the pile of magazines and old books laying around and start finding things that I could cut out and make my own designs.   I felt inspired and it was a good feeling.

Disclosure:  I rec'd a copy of the book for the purpose of this review.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.  Post contains affiliate links.

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