Friday, March 10, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Notes and Lists

Do you grab every free notepad that you can?  I do!   Most of the free notepads come from various booths at the State Fair, but I've found them other places as well.
Why pay for a notepad when you can get them free?

I use the notepads for all kinds of notes and lists, but mostly such for the websites that I visit each day.

Let me share what is on my list so far for March 10, although more will be added through the day.

March 10

mousumi 111

maze- Trader
diamond- stellar, zaney, chit chat
Boost- Big Beach, sotuk


Hits&list/mmx- 150-5 cents
mmx/coolcats- 500- 10 cents
pistol/stellar 125- 3 cents   pistol/northern  135  5 cents
tesearch/clickface/bootscootin- 150 5 cents
postman/Titans 125 3 cents

speedway special


cancel upgrade to legacyhits in payza.

Let me explain my list as well as I will link up each of the sites in case you would care to check them out further.    I use abbreviations of the sites.

First at the top is MousumiTraffic and PostmanHits.  Those are listed for me to make a note once I open them of what the average surf number is for the day.  If you make the average surf each day, there is a bonus for doing so.

Maze, diamond and boost are all for Viral Traffic Games.  It's a game that come up while you surf that earns you extra credits and cash for playing....and it's fun!  You have to watch for the icon in the surf bar while surfing, then click it to play in another window.  Three games within VTG as well to earn cash and credits there too!
Here are those sites not already linked in this post:

Next with Hotflashhits and ClickYourFaceOff is today's Hullabaloo.  With the hullabaloo you surf hotflash and the site of the day and about ever 55 pages you get a claim page.  Claim from each site to win points and cash at TEHeadquarters.

The next section are cross promos for the day, which no doubt I will add to as I open other sites, but that is my list so far.  What sites need to be surfed, how many to surf on each site and then what I can claim after I am done. (they also offer credits, but I always take the cash)
Here are those sites linked that I've not already linked above:

Speedway special is to remind me that TrafficSpeedway is celebrating their anniversary today and have added more cash prize to the pages while surfing as well as while playing the VTG game.

The last 5 on my list are the Promoslice that I am surfing on today.  At Promoslice there are 5 sites to surf.  Once you claim at each site you get an entry.  Each entry puts you in the drawing for a chance at a little bigger cash prize and each entry gives you a share of the prize pool.  Fun!

****I got way off the track of my discussion on free notepads, but I have had many people ask me, curious as to what I do on the computer each day, so I went for it.

Back to the notepads---no paper goes to waste as I use not just one side of the paper, but both sides!


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