Friday, March 11, 2016

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Trip to the Casino

A trip to a casino and frugal just somehow don't seem to go together.  However, I took a day trip with my daughter and her friend this week to the Boot Hill Casino.
The original plan was that we were going the week of the 27th when my husband could go too.  That's his vacation week.  We found out that the tour company didn't have a bus going the Tuesday of that week.   We still wanted to go, so we did.

See, Village Tours, is having a special this month.  As long as you bring at least 2 friends with you, everyone rides free.  It's normally $35 a person for the day trip.  How can you pass up riding free when you still get the $25 in free play at the casino and the $10 food voucher?

I took along $30.  I had some good luck on my very first spin.  I spent $1.50 max bet on a quick hits machine and won $67.25 on my first spin.  I vowed I was going to save that cash out voucher and not cash it in until leaving.....but I didn't.  
What I did have was a LOT of fun.

Not a bad day out for $30.  I got the ride on the bus to the casino, $25 in free play on the slots, and a good lunch for that $30.....not to mention a day away that was lots of fun.  In the end I was literally playing a penny at a time on the slots....and wondering why I didn't do that all the time. Now I am itching to go back to do it.  Hubby and I do plan on going on a trip of our own in April for our birthdays and free steak dinners.

We discovered that the bus has 110 plug ins as well as a free wi-fi hot spot.  I was already doing some things on my phone like rabadaba and tsu on the bus ride with mobile data.  On the way home I used the wi-fi.  So, I still earned some pennies while gone, but had I known about the wi-fi, I would have brought my tablet and did some traffic exchange clicking too.

I took this picture as we were leaving.  That's the bus we were on.  It's a 2 hour bus ride each way then 5 hours at the casino for the day trip.

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