Friday, March 25, 2016

Frugal Friday With Marsha-- Meal Planning

 First of all, happy Good Friday to everyone.   We have family/church plans to go the Alley this afternoon and then the Good Friday service at church this evening.

This past week we finally got our acts together to do something we should have done months ago, that is start meal planning.

This week wasn't frugal as my daughter asked the children what they wanted to eat for the week.  She then went and bought all the foods from the plan.   We, or she, can't do that again for awhile, so for next week we will have to look at foods we have on hand and then plan the meals.

It's been so nice to look at the list and know what will be fixed over scrambling to decide at the last minute each evening!
For now we will be using a sheet of notebook paper stuck on the fridge, but I hope soon to order a magnetic meal planning board.

I love the 99 cent ebooks added to my kindle app, so I've added this one to my collection of frugal type books to my app:

There are lots of choices of kindle books to choose from on this subject.  I wish I could order and read them all for motivation.  If you would like to check some of them out, just click HERE.

I hope to give you an update next week that we have actually followed through with our plans!
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