Friday, February 26, 2016

Frugal Friday With Marsha--Week in Review

It's been a pretty normal busy week around our house.    Our family night out included going to the music program that my 3rd grade granddaughter, Willo, was in.  They did a good job and the music was good.  If you are a member of tsu, I did share a photo there.

A blessing happened this week.  I received my box of Renuzit items in for review and inside I was one of the lucky winners of a $50 Visa card!  I am saving this back to help me pay for most of the quilt retreat I am attending at the end of April.  

Yesterday when I was going down the topics in chatabout I ran across Freebie Pictures as a topic.  I hope to get to sending for more freebies to add to the items that I get in for review.  I did send for some Centrum vitamin samples this week and you will find that link shared in my tsu as well.  This week for review I received the 3 Renuzit products as well as some all natural shampoo and conditioner. ( I plan to have my Renuzit post up tomorrow with a giveaway where 3 winners will each win a free coupon)

I had hoped that the seeds that my daughter started for me last Friday would have sprouted in the 7 days, but not so far.  I have been spritzing them with water twice daily.  Here is what the kitchen window looks like so far.  We can plant outside around the first of April.

I picked up my free Take 5 candy bar from the Dillon's Friday freebie.  If you have a Kroger store in your area, make sure to get your free item each week.  This week the freebie is Kroger Greek yogurt and I just added it to my card and my mom's card.

I used some of my amazon earnings to order cat food and black ink for our printer.  The cat food came in just on the day that I fed the cats the last of what was in the container.  I will be sharing the various places where I earn amazon in my February earnings post in early March.

That's about it for this week.  I look forward to seeing what comes about this week.

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