Monday, February 1, 2016

Crown Coast Umbrellas for Quality and Affordability #CrownCoastUmbrella

Crown Coast Umbrellas are heavy duty 60+MPH severe storm rated, made with flex memory frame technology.
They feature a convenient automatic open and close canopy.  This is really convenient when getting out of and into a vehicle.
It's a full size umbrella in a compact case.  Each comes with an outer carrying case.
They are backed by a life time warranty (6,000 opens).  If there are any problems with your purchase it is either replaced or a refund given.

There are several colors to choose from: blue, white, yellow, turquoise, red, pink, green, or black.
I chose yellow, as you can see in my picture below....simply because that is my favorite color.

In my video I demonstrate the push button opening and closing as I try to show the flexibility of the frame.

Crown Coast Umbrellas are currently on a great sale on amazon.  Click HERE to order yours now!

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