Friday, January 29, 2016

Frugal Friday With Marsha--I Remember When.......

I remember when......
I was so excited to finally get the internet.  Seems like a lifetime ago back in 1996.  I was having one of my refund conventions and some of the ladies who came were talking about all of the good coupons they were getting by emailing off to different companies.

You know what I did.  As soon as we had internet, I started searching companies such as Nabisco, Kraft, Kellogg's etc to try my hand at getting good coupons in the mail.

When I searched Kellogg's, a site came up in search.  I don't remember the name of the site, but you took fun little trivia tests to win points.  Points that were then traded for gift cards.  You guessed it, that was the start to my internet addiction----the addiction of earning online.

I find it hard to believe that was 20 years ago!  Things sure have changed in the earning department.
Back then and for several years, the earning was super fun.  By that I mean I was earning by playing games, not writing or doing traffic exchanges or paid to clicks.

I sure miss those days.  If there are any sites out there now that you can just have fun playing games (mahjong was always my favorite), I don't know about them.  Do you know of any??
Swagbucks did have mahjong and I was ending my day with 10 games there before bedtime.  Sadly, they have taken that away.  I play whatever the free play game of the day is for points at GSN cash games.  That's just a few points daily, so it takes a long time to actually be able to get a gift card.
There are also some games on GSN itself that are for points that I can play----it's just that they don't have gift cards in exchange for points other than trying to win them with points and I don't have luck at that.  They do sometimes have some other cool prizes like decks of cards or an umbrella, then there used to be a book of the week and DVD of the week.  I should check to see what there is and get back to relaxing more at bedtime with some games there.

Anything you can earn online helps.  I did get in the cat food and cat litter that I ordered from amazon.  Now to save up again.  I am truly in hopes of always having enough to order it there, but we also need ink for the printer.

Speaking of coupons----I have started to at least buy the Sunday paper each week again.  Today I am going to actually get those cut out, at least the ones for things I might be buying.  I also hope to start getting back to the groups where people share good deals as well.  Wish me luck!

I hope you've had a good week.
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