Friday, May 29, 2015

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- What's On This Week's Shopping List?


Last week I made my list and spending was $12.87.  Less than what I had to spend.  I received back a total of $3.15 between Ibotta and checkout51.
This week I have $10 in Walmart gift cards and $9.20 in Target gift cards.

I needed to find a name brand something to buy through ibotta to help with my bonuses.  I am choosing the Glad Press N' Seal because that is something that we need. (and I have a $1 coupon too) Also then bananas and milk, and Dr Pepper is on there again (thank goodness!).
Bananas are also my choice for checkout51 as well.

In addition I am picking up a box of Cheez-Its and a box of my Chewy Sweetarts.  These will be parts of my foods that I take with me when I start doing the wheat field inspections next week.   Bananas I will also take with me.
I'm also using a coupon for Yakisoba noodles $1/3.  They are .58 each at Walmart and they are always good to have around the house, especially for the kids that like them.

We are ok for this week as far as meats yet, so that is good.  Hubby did buy us each 2 more 2 ltrs of Dr. Pepper each this past week.  Maybe I can try to pick us up more is I have enough this week.
We are also still ok on eggs, cheese, bread and other what I call grocery essentials.

Next week will be more of a challenge when meats and those essentials will need to be replenished!

Until then, I look forward to any frugal posts that you choose to share with us this week.

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