Friday, May 15, 2015

Frugal Friday with Marsha--Shopping with Apps


Due to our financial situation, that I won't go in to, I am now responsible for earning all money to buy groceries and such.

I started out this week by using some of my amazon gift card credits to buy the cat food and cat litter.

This morning I have gone through my apps to make my shopping list.

Ibotta is full of any brand items that are on my list: bacon, pasta sauce, onion, bell pepper, cheese, eggs, milk, bananas.

The cheese, milk, eggs, and bacon are also on the Target cartwheel for 5% off.

The bananas are also on savingstar this week for the healthy choice offer as well as on checkout51.

Other items on my list are Reeses Puffs cereal with rebate from savingstar (which I have printed a coupon through swagbucks to earn back 10 swabucks for using it) and HoneySuckle White turkeypatties from ibotta.

Dr. Pepper is our vice and I can get it 10% off at Target through cartwheel (also printed coupons from swagbucks and inboxdollars for credit!). Also Cheez-Its are our favorite snack cracker and they are currently 20% off through cartwheel.

I have $20 in Target gift cards to spend as well as a $5 Walmart gift card and $2.88 on my Bluebird card from the Walmart Savings Catcher.

Can I buy everything on my list for the $27.88 that I have to spend? I will give an update next Friday as well as give you my new list.

p.s. Most of my gift cards I have earned from swagbucks, and also some from PerkTV.

In the meantime I look forward to the frugal type posts that you choose to share too.

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