Friday, March 6, 2015

Frugal Friday With Marsha --Coupons!


This week has been mostly coupons, coupons, and coupons for me.  I've loved it!
I gave KMart's double coupon days a try for the first time.  I made three trips throughout the week and spent $7.88 total out of pocket.

This first picture does include my shopping from Target and Walgreens as well.  If you would like to read more, I have a post on bubblews:
My Shopping Excursion

 Barq's root beer, 2 Mitchem, 1 Old Spice body spray, 2 Beneful dog treats, and 2 Glad Plug-Ins = $2.45

Fanta, 1 Clear shampoo, 3 Old Spice Body wash, 1 Tampax and package of lip gloss = $2.50

2 Clear shampoos, 2 Old Spice body spray (just realized only got one in the photo), 1 Mitchem, 1 Club Soda, and 4 Glade Plug-Ins = $2.97

I had free coupons from mycokerewards for the soda, which was awesome to use to get to my $25 minimum purchase before coupons.  The Glade were also fillers on sale for $1 each and I used the $1 on any Glade product coupons.
I am a happy coupon camper!!

The Old Spice body sprays are now in my gift tote and will be used for the men on my list at Christmas time.  The lip glosses are also in the tote for the girls.

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