Tuesday, March 3, 2015

All Lovely Things -- A Field Journal That's a Pinterest for Your Inner Soul

Released today, March 3, 2015, ALL LOVELY THINGS: A Field Journal for The Objects That Define Us is by artist Lea Redmond.
It's an illustrated guide that asks you to do just that; get to know yourself better through the objects that are the inanimate companions in your life.

It works as a "Pinterest for the inner soul". ALL LOVELY THINGS is filled with illustrated prompts and the space for you to examine what the items in our lives really say about who you are. Maybe it's a sweater from your date. Maybe it's a favorite kitchen item, or an old toy.

This one-of-a-kind book will prompt you to draw portraits of yourself or people who you know, admire, or imagine. It will prompt you to connect specific objects to important people in your life. It will prompt you to create sketches, collages, or descriptions of the key items in your life, and how they contributed to who you have become.

Every Spring you are surrounded by message to clear out the clutter in your life and move forward. It's supposed to be a time of discarding what no longer serves you, bidding good riddance to the physical stuff in your home and life that weigh you down.
But....what if before you throw those items out, you take some time to remember what they have done for you?
What if.....creativity can come from those objects that mean the most to you?
What if.....you can better know yourself and those you love through creating art of the the things you love?
What if.....there is serenity to be found in your stuff?

In your hands, ALL LOVELY THINGS becomes an engaging celebration of how you collect the things in your world and how, in turn, they make you who you are.

The book is 203 pages including 13 pages of introduction on using the book as well as 14 pages in the back of the book for more ideas and story archives.
26 pages throughout the book are illustrated prompt pages. The rest of the pages are for your life story.

Author Lea Redmond is a maker. She crafts objects, ideas, and activities. Leafcutter Designs, her creative studio in Berkley, California seeks to create a more playful, peaceful world by offering curious goods, surprising services, ad participatory projects.
You can connect with Lea at http://www.leafcutterstudios.com

Disclaimer: I rec'd a copy of this book along with promotional materials for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and any opinions are my own. Post does contain affiliate links.
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