Thursday, July 3, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 7/3/14

Sticky notes have become my friend.  I'm not sure why I haven't always been using them!
As I am going through the pages in my binder of lenses, I am making notes on each on of updates that I need to do, or can do.

Some time back lensmaster Virginia Allain put a challenge up in one of the squidoo facebook groups.
We were to take a lens that was ranked 150,000 or something like that and do one update it each day for 5 days.
The challenge showed up just how much higher that lens would rise in lensrank with just small updates in a row.
I was amazed.

My point is that that is exactly what I am doing with my lenses right now.  With the exception of totally redoing my Latest 10 Lenses lens, I am just doing a small update on several lenses per day.

I am not just updating the WIP's either, I am also working on others as well.
My WIP status as of today is 28, down from 55.  I don't feel that's too bad.
However, Bonnie had replied in the HQ post that the lenses would stay in WIP status until we do update them.  Someone replied to her that it notes next to each lens that they will be deleted after 30 days.  Bonnie said she would check on that.  That was 13 days ago when she replied, so I replied to her asking what she had found out.
It's something to know for sure, especially if there are lenses in WIP that we don't want to see disappear.

I don't know for sure which lenses I will end up linking in today.  I'm even going to surprise myself!
Surprise me with your link ups too.

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