Friday, July 11, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 7/11/14

How has your week been? How was your 4th?

I had saved back $20 to spend on fireworks and spent $16.10 of it. My husband did buy a few with his money too.
When you put us with 3 of my children and their families who also bought, we have more than enough to keep us entertained and having lots of fun.
There was also a nice show just down the block from my daughters as well.

I can't say I've had the most frugal of weeks, but I did make sure to look at the ibotta and checkout51 apps before shopping as well as get things put on in the savingstar website. I never buy much of the stuff on those other than the basics. I did buy the milk, strawberries, bananas, and bell pepper.
The bananas were a double as they were 20% cash back on savingstar plus the .25 or .50 on checkout51.
On ibotta I got the canned tomatoes as well as the Libby's pumpkin.

I bought a cell phone through Boost Mobile and ebates this past week. The phone was $17.49 with a $17.50 rebate from ebates. I paid $18.96 with sales tax and the shipping was free. I'm using it on wifi only for apps....mostly PerkTV.
Then I found out about I ordered another of the phones there for the same $18.96 but their rebate is $28! Plus $5 for signing up.

While I'm talking about those, if you aren't members of those, you may want to sign up.

Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


I'm not sure about ebates, but extrabucks gives you a $5 sign up bonus as well as I receive a $5 bonus as your referrer.

I don't do a lot of shopping online, or at least I haven't. I have a feeling that is going to change. I mean, if I am going to buy something anyway, why not check online through the rebate sites before going to the store?
I added the extension for extrabucks, which will pop down if I am on a site and let me know it's part of their site for rebate. I need to get the extension put on for ebates as well. I hope they will work together.

While I'm here again, I want to tell you that I'm learning a lot of things over in chatabout.
Chatabout is a topic forum and you earn points for "chatting about". It's so much fun and there are so many topics! You earn 1 point for every topic you post in to as well as 1 point for replying to what others have written.
There are also other easy points as the daily poll, a giveaway to enter, videos to watch, offers, radio to listen to etc.
500 pts = $5 and the points roll right in.
If you aren't a memvber, you can check it out HERE

I think that's about all of the 'damage' that I can do this week.
Speaking of damage, I'm sure that you noticed that I have done something to mess up the html here on my blog. I'm trying to find help on how to fix it. Keep your fingers crossed for me!
I messed with html when I shouldn't have. I just have to figure out how to get that left side bar back over here where it belongs.

I hope you share some good stuff with us this week.

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