Thursday, June 19, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 6/19/14

I'm sure by now that all of my squidoo readers know about the new payout threshold.

I can be ok with the minimum being set to $25 for everyone starting with the July 2014 payouts.
I do assume that when they say July 2014 payouts that they mean starting in September 2014 to start the $25 minimum since our pay is for 2 month prior.
Please correct me if I am wrong there.

I have high hopes that the new threshold will give me the motivation to step up my game again in squidoo.  Not just by updating and building more, but also by promoting the lenses as well.

I had already planned on updating one lens yesterday before reading HQ.  After reading HQ I was motivated to update another lens while I was at it.

Also, I had only been taking notes on updates and such for the past couple of months.   I found those notes and got them all written where they belonged in my notebook.
Most probably keep track of their lenses in some sort of a spread sheet.  I keep mine in a 3 ring binder.
Each lens has it's own piece of paper, and of course they are in alphabetical order.
I have noted when I created the lens and what charity is getting 10% of the earnings.
I then make note of any updates I do to the lens and the date.
I have a 2 page list of possible updates to give me ideas on what to do.
You know, some lenses don't really warrant an update except checking to make sure the amazon products are still available or something along those lines.

I hope to see lots of links this week.  I'm linking up the 2 that I updated yesterday.  Thanks!

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