Friday, June 20, 2014

Frugal Friday with Marsha 6/20/14

I am actually writing this post early and scheduling it to post as I am at a quilt retreat.
7:30 am to get there to help set up.  We sew from 9 am to 11 pm today and 9 am to 4 pm on Saturday.

The retreat costs $65.  It's in town so not an overnight to have to cover a motel too.  The $65 helps to pay for the small amount we are paying for the building, 3 meals, and a little towards some of the door prizes. 
Most door prizes were donated by a few quilt shops and then members of the guild.

Is this frugal?  Probably not....I could just set aside this same time and sew at home.  The problem is that I won't do it.  I will allow people to call and be taken somewhere....think I need to be on the computer....or any number of other excuses.
At home I won't have the socializing with other quilters either.

Let's just say it's frugal to save my sanity!

Hubby and I did shop at Aldi this week.  We spent just over $200.  I feel good knowing that we have plenty of food for suppers for some time.
Aldi is the cheapest place to shop, in my opinion.  We got a very nice variety.

We also bought 4 jugs of scoopable litter.  You might remember that I've been cutting up newspapers for the litter boxes for lots of months now to save the money of buying litter.
This does do the job, but I had a hard time keeping up with the papers, even picking up free papers here and there.  It also doesn't cover smell too well.
Aldi has the jugs for just $3.99.  I feel this is cheap enough to buy the litter over spending the time to cut up papers.  I can now find other things to do with the time that I was spending cutting them.
The grocery store has their store brand of the same size litter on sale for $5.89 this week.  PetCo offers you to refill this size jug for $5.49.  So, $3.99 really is a good deal.

One other thing hubby bought this past weekend was a new steam cleaner for the carpets.  (The income tax refund came in).
We ended up buying  Hoover Power Path as I wanted a smaller more portable machine.
It's been over a year since our other steam cleaner bit the dust.
I can feel that buying our own machine is frugal.  It's a lot cheaper than paying a company to come out to shampoo the carpets or to rent the machine at the store 2 or 3 times a year.
I'm very pleased with the Power Path.  It does a really good job....and especially with over a year of grandchildren, children, and pet stains!

I think that is all for me this week.  I do hope you have some posts to share this week.

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