Thursday, May 22, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 5/22/14

Let's get this party started!
School is out for summer here.  For me this means more time at home since I won't have the worry of picking up the grandkids from school for a few months.  Woot!
Hopefully for me this means that I can finally start making my goal of working in squidoo daily.

I received 2 books in for review this week.  Both will make great review lenses.  I still have the one book that been on hold to get done first. 
There's always updating that I can do to my lenses.
I've not updated my latest 10 lens and I've built like 15 lenses since my last update on that one!
Maybe I can make my goal to change out just one per day until I get caught up.

Speaking of that.....I had been using a website to get coding instead of using the featured lens module.
It seems that we can't use that site now without paying?   That may only be right since that person does put a lot of work in fixing up the coding and such.
Should I just go back to featured lens modules then??   Or, do they even still exist??

Let's get to sharing.   I think I will share my 2 bottom lenses this week.

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  1. I've been neglecting squidoo lately, putting all of my writing efforts into bubblew and Daily Two Cents. I need to dust off my dashboard!

    I linked up the last lens I published, and a random toy review, just because my son was playing with that toy tonight.


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