Friday, May 23, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 5/23/14

It's raining, it's really is pouring rain outside and has been for well over an hour.
Of course it's stormy and rainy, it's Memorial Day weekend when most people are planning bbq's and camping trips......sigh.

Actually, I am perfectly fine with the rain.  It's very good for my gardens.  It also saves me money on the water bill from having to go out and water.

I'm sure glad that I chose to keep doing laundry yesterday since I dry it on the line.  I don't have anything in the laundry room to wash, but I do have 4 loads on the table to get put away.
That darn laundry, just like dishes, seems to be a never ending task.

How have you been doing on frugal living, saving money and such this past week. 
We've had to learn to make due in a lot of areas due to just not having money to spend.
Meals this week have been split in 2 and eaten 2 nights.

My hubby did make a big purchase at the day old bread store.  They have chosen to close it to everything is 25% off plus he got his normal 15% discount on top of that too.  What he brought was $43 before discounts and $26 after.
He got jellies, honey, lots of spices, condiments, salad dressings and crackers.   At least if nothing else, we are now stocked up on those things.  (I do wish he had come home and got me and let me shop with him-----he bought one of every one of their large spices, but half of them I've never used before so I doubt I will)

Let's see some links!  Encourage me as well as others to save save save.

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