Friday, May 30, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 5/30/14

Just one more day in May.  It's so hard to believe that the days seems to be going by so quickly.

This week I will talk about coupons.
Those things that I can't seem to stay caught up on.
I get in a couple good days of cutting and getting them in to my binder each week, but I need to be working on them daily.

I like to use the excuse that we don't have enough money for me to be worrying about the good deals with coupons, but really that is all the more reason to pay attention.
It's just that there aren't coupons for milk, cheese, and meats etc.
Our financial situation is not good, and we do well to keep the essentials in the house.
(Of course if Dr.Pepper wasn't on our essential list we would be doing well too)

I did get in a bit of coupon shopping is week.
I had some higher store coupons that a friend had passed on to me from her bzzcampaign.  They were expiring on the 28th so I headed out and used them, along with a few other coupons.
If you would like to see my post, please check it out at:  Photo of the Day 5/28/14--A Little Coupon Shopping

Back 'in the day' of me getting 10-15 inserts free each week and our store doubling coupons I had gotten up quite a stockpile of groceries and household items.
My stockpiles are getting slim.  
Even though I don't get those 10- 15 inserts and the store no longer doubles, I'm sure that if I can keep my coupons sorted in to my binder and pay attention to the blog posts on deals that I can still build stockpiles.
(Our newspaper lost it's contract with Smart Source well over a year ago so we have to buy an out of town paper to get that insert each week)

How have you been doing on saving this past week?

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