Friday, March 21, 2014

Frugal Friday With Marsha 3/21/14

It sure seems like it's been a lot longer than just one week since my last Frugal Friday post.
I've been super busy and on the go almost constantly.
My computer was acting up and I had to use hubby's for a couple of days. Then I took it in, they said they fixed it, but no, it was doing the same thing again.
Back to using hubby's computer while it was in the shop again.
This time they assure me that it's really fixed. I sure hope so!

This past week the heating element has gone out on my dryer. At least it picked a good time with Spring finally being here. I've been hanging the laundry on the line again.
I have been bringing it in and putting the load in the dryer for 10 or 15 minutes to fluff them. I don't have any type of fabric softener right now, not even vinegar.
I love using vinegar in the laundry in place of fabric softener.

I've used all of my vinegar making an all natural citrus cleaner. Forgive me if I've wrote about this before.
You put orange peels in with a jar of vinegar. You put the jar in a dark spot for a minimum of 2 weeks. Once it's been in the dark to soak for the 2 weeks, remove the orange peels and you have your cleaner.
It works quite well!

This past week I shopped on 'experiment'.
With my teenager only here for supper on occasion anymore and hubby coming home later than usual, I made a I said, an experiment of sorts.
I've been thinking a lot about keeping the freezer stocked with lots of varieties of frozen entrees and meals.
This past week the store offered Lean Cuisine and Stouffer's frozen entrees and meals 5 for $10. They then offered a $3 off 5 e-coupon to add to our card, which we could use the e-coupon up to 5 times.
I saw my opportunity and went for it. I bought 15 of them.
Nice price, plus lots of variety, plus codes to use for their rewards programs.

Now, that's not all I bought. I bought apples, bananas, and pears (fresh) for our fruits for the week. We always have bread and butter around.
I also bought 2 bags of chips for something different than bread if wanted.

I'm having a good time this week as I'm so busy and I've just not felt like cooking lately. Of course this week it happened that we were eating away from home twice too.
I figured hubby would be really upset with me.
I think under normal circumstances he would have, but he attended a Men's Encounter this past weekend and he's a change man in a lot of ways now.

What have you done this past week or so to live frugally?

I hope to see some link ups....keep us motivated.

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