Thursday, February 27, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 2/27/14

It's Thursday again and time to share blog posts relating to squidoo as well as links to 1 or 2 of your lenses.

Again it's been crazy around my house.....or outside of my house.  In and out.  It doesn't stop for me until after I attend this quilt retreat this weekend.    I don't think that things will ever slow down for me though.  I have lots of sewing related things that I do outside of the home and I like it that way.
Then there are church related activities and family.  Go go go.

I could take lots of pictures at the retreat this weekend and build a lens that talks about quilt retreats.  That could be a nice lens.  I should do it.  Will I?

How can I get more participation here each week and get more people to come and link up?  Suggestions would really be appreciated.

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