Thursday, January 23, 2014

Squidoo Hopping 1/23/14

How are things in squidoo for you?

I "know" many of the new contributors through online socializing.  I look forward to what many will share with us on this new adventure.

I had applied for yarn yarn yarn and then one other one, which I forget now what it even was.  I wasn't picked for either.  I also didn't realize from reading the email that there would only be one per title.
Some of the ones I am seeing I don't even remember seeing on the lists!

I'm ok with it, especially when I seen that each contributor had to make a get to know me page.  I will just enjoy what everyone else contributes and keep writing my lenses here and there.......when I get that motivation to do so!

I want to make another crafts as gifts lens.  I never got around to making one for 2013, so think I will title is 2013 and beyond.  I will have more book review lenses as I complete reading books.

I look forward to seeing what is shared this week.  Since I've once again done no updating or building, I am choosing to share 2 lenses that are towards the bottom of my lens list by ranking.

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