Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Play-Doh Halloween and Christmas Craft Fun Books---Review

Play-Doh Halloween Craft Fun
ISBN 978-1-60710-917-4

Play-Doh Christmas Craft Fun
ISBN 978-1-60710-916-7

Both books are published by Silver Dolphin
Written by Susan Amerikaner, Early Childhood Specialist
Illustrated and Digitally composed by Kara Kenna

Each book includes a 32-page activity book, 4 (1 oz) containers of Play-Doh, a plastic knife, and a roller.  There are 15 projects in each book.

Below are examples of pages from each book:

As you turn each page, each book has a little story that goes along.  Opposite each story page are instructions with pictures of how to make something from that page.

I wish I had gotten these books earlier than I did.  The UPS man brought them to me late evening on the 28th.
I was glad to have 3 of my granddaughters over the afternoon of the 29th to help me with this review.

I don't know a child anywhere that doesn't like to use Play-Doh.  It's such a great imagination "toy".
The girls were more than happy to help me with my review.  I wanted them basically to pick one thing to make each, but that wasn't enough for them.
They played with these books for a good 3 hours or more!  They ended up taking over the camera as they took pictures of their projects.  Bear with me as some of them are blurry.

Willo is 6 year old.  Araya is 8 years old.  Ariel is 9 years old.

This is Araya working on making a candy cane.

 Araya's pumpkin
 Araya's skeleton
 Araya's snowman
 Araya's wreath
 Ariel's snowman
 Ariel's stocking
Ariel's wreath

 Ariel's present and something that Araya made up
 Willo's pumpkin
Willo's snowman
Last but not least, Willo's wreath
It's not too late to get the Halloween Craft Fun as both books are available at Walmart.

You can also purchase both books on amazon:

Disclosure:  I rec'd both books from the publisher for the purpose of doing a review.  I was not compensated in any other way, and all opinions are my own.  Post does contain affiliate links.

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