Monday, September 16, 2013

Fear No Numbers by Jose Paul Moretto--Book Review

Fear No Numbers  (How to multiply or divide and always get it right)  by Jose Paul Moretto.

ISBN  978-1-4327-8724-0

Paperback--52 pages.  Also available in ebook format.

Published by Outskirts Press, Inc

When I seen this book in my email with an offer to do a review I wanted to jump on it.   Most of you know that we are a homeschool family.  I only have one daughter left at home and she does not like math at all.  It's what we are struggling with to get enough hours for high school credit.

I received the book in the summer with full intention of making her do math with this book over the summer.  As summer goes, that just didn't work out.
We did just recently finish going through the book.

At first Jasmine hated it just like she hates all math.  Before it was over though, she loved it and was even showing others how it works when they would come over!

In Fear No Numbers we are taught 2 concepts:  The Proof of Nine and the MaXima system.

I knew there were several secrets to the number 9 in math.  I had NO idea about these systems.  I had fun learning them as well.
I recommend this book whether you are a homeschool family or if your child is struggling in school as a supplement for home.


Fear No Numbers: How to Multiply or Divide & Always Get It Right

Interview with the author:
What is your book about?
It introduces proven and fun ways to check one's products and quotients, by using the Proof of 9 System and the Maxima System.

What made you decide to write this book?
In late 2010, the media reported that the status of America's young people had fallen to 25th in math and science, compared to other countries. I want young people to have a fun addendum to what they are currently learning.

How did you get your book published? I self-published through Outskirts Press.

Who would be interested in Fear No Numbers?
Pre-teens and up, who are looking for new ways to become enthusiastic about math.

What differentiates your book from others in the same category?
The book demonstrates simplification of numbers to "single whole numbers".

Do you plan on publishing more books?
For my next book, I want to address/recount my childhood experiences during and after World War II, while staying at successive orphanages in Southern France. Though conditions were harsh; meager food, little resources for shoes and clothing, and even abuse by some of those in charge, we children also experiences times of laughter, discovery, and vindication, especially right after D-Day.

Fear No Numbers: How to Multiply or Divide & Always Get It Right

Disclosure: I received Fear No Numbers from the author for the purpose of this review as well as additional information to share. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.
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