Friday, December 14, 2012

Frugal Friday With Marsha (linky included)

Good Friday to all. Christmas is inching up on me....on all of us. How are you doing on getting all of your holiday preparations ready?

Me....I've not even put out my decorations. We hung the lights on the house and have the Christmas tree up, but I've put nothing else out. I think I better make sure to do that TODAY!

I still have Christmas gifts to get made. I'm going to take the easy way out on some of them. I shouldn't, as it won't be the same as homemade. But, at this point, it will be way less expensive.....and that is something I have to take into consideration.
I have just a few things that I still need to buy to fill gifts for my children. I'm waiting in hopes of a good sale with coupons before Christmas gets here.

I have always kept a tote all year around. Inside I put gifts as I buy them throughout the year. I'm always on the lookout for things that are a really good deal. My brain fried this year.....I got out that tote to see what was in it the other day. I totally forgot that I had already bought things ahead months ago! Since I forgot, I no longer need those for gifts. I've already bought again. Silly me. I even had a notebook with pages already ready to fill out on who was getting what. I even had gone as far as to already have one gift wrapped up with the name on it. That one will still go to the family.....the rest are back in the tote to use for birthday gifts. I guess that all still works out in the end. :)

This week from the 99 cent solutions book I am sharing ways to use nail polish remover. (If you read last week, I shared different uses for nail polish)

1. Remove pain with polish remover. This is for shingles. Mix 2 crushed aspirins with 3 tablespoons of nail polish remover (stirring until the aspirin dissolves). Apply this concoction directly to the shingles blisters with a cotton ball and let air dry.

2. Take sap off of your garden tools. If you've been trimming that sappy tree and your shears are covered with sap, just apply nail polish remover to a cloth and wipe it clean.

3. Carefully clean your chrome. Be careful not to let the nail polish touch the pain on your vehicle, but it works wonders on the chrome.

4. Take the super out of super glue. Thoroughly wet a cotton ball with nail polish remover and work at the superglue until it's dissolved. The remover must be acetone. Saves your fingers, let me tell you! (I won't tell you how many times I have ended up gluing my fingers together, but this does work!)

Thanks for the submissions to the linky last week. I hope to continue to see more of you joining in each week.

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