Friday, September 14, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up --September 14, 2012

Welcome to Friday! It's been a long past week with the state fair in town, and my daughter and her boyfriend both working. My daughter will log in right at 100 hours by the time Sunday is over.

I can not say at all that this has been a frugal week! I overspent at the state fair. Yes, it's only once a year, and yes, I had a great time spending, but still.
I did put money down on a new sewing machine though. That was frugal---state fair special was half retail price, and she gave me a discount on the extra feet that I wanted too. I can't wait to pay the other half and get my lessons on how to use it. The lessons are free with the purchase of the machine so you sure can't beat that.

I did have a good shopping trip too where I only spent $3.75 and saved over $34 with coupons.

Today from the 99 Cent Solutions book I am sharing uses for deodorant. Who would have thought there were other uses. Here's a bit of trivia for you too. Roll-On deodorant was inspired by the ball point pen, and it was marketed under the name Ban Roll-On.

1. Protect your feet. Roll or spray a little deodorant--specifically antiperspirant--on your feet. It will keep them dry and keep blisters at bay.

2. Banish bug bites. Applying deodorant to the bug bite will reduce the itching and the irritation.

3. Say good-bye to sweaty palms. If you suffer from sweaty palms when you are nervous, simply apply antiperspirant to your palms---and don't sweat it.

Your turn to share your frugal related posts!

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