Friday, June 29, 2012

Frugal Friday Link Up--4 Uses for Antacid Tablets

Good Friday! I'm going to say thank goodness it's Friday!
This has been Bible school week, with this evening being the last night. I do have to say that I am exhausted! It's hard for me having my evenings full along with the normal things that I do each day of the week. I'm used to having my relaxing evenings at home.

It's been in the triple digits for temps this week. That, is of no help at all for sure. 107 most days so far. They say it will continue being this hot in to next week.

I have been getting the clothes out on the line to dry...doesn't take long at all for them to dry! Waiting on a load of towels in the washer right now to put out.

This week I built a new squidoo lens titled Simple Living. It will be built on continually as I read books, watch tv shows, and learn things to share online. Simple living, frugal living and green living all go hand in hand. The life that I strive for, for many reasons.

This weeks share from the 99 Cent Solutions book are uses for antacid tablets:

1. Neutralize canker sores. Place an antacid tablet directly on the canker sore, giving it time to dissolve, or simply chew one. The medicine stops the acids and enzymes in your mouth from attacking the tissue in the sore, and it will stop the pain.

2. Put the fizz to work. Clean your toilet with antacid tablets. As long as they contain sodium bicarbonate, 2 tablets will do the trick. Dissolve the tablets in the toilet bowl for 20 minutes then scrub the toilet clean with a toilet brush. Flush and you are done. (We use antacid tablets for stains in the wine carafe and such at church and they work great. I'm going to have to use them for toilet cleaning as I bet with sales and coupons I can buy the antacids cheaper!)

3. Make a hot and cold cleaner. Cleaning out a thermos is always difficult, especially if if it's contents have been sitting in it for awhile. Fill the thermos with water and dissolve four antacid tablets in it. Let the solution sit for an hour then rinse and wash as usual. (this must be why we use them at church as I mention above)

4. Say so long to slime. Get rid of green and brown slime mess on your flower vase with a common antacid tablet. Drop one into the dirty vase filled with fresh water and give it five minutes to work. Wipe the inside with a sponge or cloth and rinse. Your vase will be ready for a new bouquet. (Again, maybe this is why we use them at church the way we do)

Stay tuned next week for ways to use aspirin.

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