Thursday, May 31, 2012

Squidoo Hopping--Getting Closer

I am getting closer on my notebook change over.  21 lenses left that need some updating before I make them a page in my new notebook where I am keeping the lenses in alphabetical order.   I am getting there.  I can't wait to be done with them all.  I then plan on going down that list I've made of different ways to update.....start at the front of the notebook and go through until every one has each update.  Makes sense to me, and will keep me plenty busy updating for 2 or 3 more years!  Of course I do have several lenses that get updated on a regular basis anyway.

On my Charity lens I am adding to it as I see lenses of my own with the donation module in it for a charity that I didn't get there before they took the module away from us.  I am also adding as I am seeing these modules on others lenses as well.  For me, I want to know what each charity is all about.  I mix and match what I am giving to all across the board.  I try to match the subject of my lens as best I can to a charity, but if not that is when I choose something else like March of Dimes or ASPCA etc.

I joined another squidoo facebook page last night.  This one will do a daily, post your lowest ranking lens.  Of course the ones at the bottom of my list are ones that I've not gotten any updating done to yet.

I've made myself a goal of building at least one new lens each week.  This past week I built 2, and I built 2 the week before too.  Maybe I should change that goal up to 2 per week?

I am listing those 2 newest lenses in the linky for this week.

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