Sunday, May 27, 2012

SIS--Shares in Squidoo--Tiny Houses


In keeping with my theme on homesteading, this week I want to talk about tiny houses.  While looking through homestead lenses way back when, I seen a link for a lens about tiny houses.    I have been hooked and intrigued with them ever since.  

I've even subscribed to blogs and tend to get lost watching videos and reading about different tiny houses on a regular bases.

Here are 4 lenses that talk about them.  Beware, you might get addicted to them too!

Eco-Friendly Tiny Houses 

Tiny Houses 

Cheap Houses: How to Live Mortgage Free 

How to Built a Tiny House 

Guilty.....I had to stop and watch a few of the videos again before finishing this post.  Hubby just said "I've heard that video before that you are watching now"  ROFL  Yes, when I've watched it a few times before!

For my own share this week, I ask that you help me with a click to this lens again.  Instead of continuing to move up in lens rank, it's taken a "nose dive".  Thanks!

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