Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WIP Wednesday 12/8/10

Good Wednesday morning and welcome to my WIP Wednesday post, in conjunction with Every Day Crochet.

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It's been busy busy busy for me away from home, but I have tried to get things done.
I spent a lot of Saturday and Sunday wrapping what Christmas gifts I could.  I'm pretty much down to just having the items I am trying to get made.  I also ran out of tape  LOL

I did get 2 of the potholders sewn.  I'm not real happy about the way they are turning out.  I think the different material I am using on the back is a bit of my problem.  I did get 2 more pinned to sew, as well as I did buy the rest of the Insulbrite that I need for the rest of the middles.
I also finished the other toothbrush rug (finally) and got it listed in my etsy store.  I have a small start on my next rug.
Here we have my sewing "mess".  I still have one more bag to pin, but have at least started sewing on these that I am making for Christmas gifts.  I hope to get more sewing on them done today.  I managed a whole 10 minutes of sewing time yesterday.  I'm starting to really wonder if I can get these projects done in time!

I'm also in the process of reading a book.  It's a new one I had, by an author that my brother likes.  I wanted to read it before giving it to him for chintzy is that??

I need to be in the process of getting the rest of my Christmas cards ready to mail.  Time to pull out the address book.  

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