Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WIP Wednesday

It's Wednesday and time to share my works in progress!

Want to share your works in progress and join in the fun, just click the button at the bottom of my post to go to Every Day Crochet blog, grab the button and make your post.  It's a lot of fun looking at everyone else's WIP's each week and get inspired to keep working.

To play along on Work-in-Progress Wednesday, make your blog post for Wednesday be about something you're working on - some type of craft, renovation project, landscaping, even that novel you're writing. You can play along even if it’s not Wednesday; I leave each WIP up until the following week.

I did finish the Barbie Bedding Sets.  Please click here to see the photo of the finished product.

In this photo, you see the "mess" I started with as I started to work on the strip quilt (and 2 pillows):

In this 2nd photo you will see what I got accomplished so far:    2 pillows that are done except sewing the ends shut, 5 completed strip squares, 2 strip squares that are ready to be ironed and cut, and 9 squares that have the first 2 strips pinned on to get them started.

In the 3rd photo:   I thought I was done with what I would get done before doing this post but......I ended up cutting more of the 12 inch squares from another fleece blanket.  I found that I am 7 squares short of what I need to have enough squares.  I then pinned the first 2 strips to all the newly cut squares.  I saved out the lengths I need for the 7 squares I am short.  And, I cut more strips.

I would like to say this quilt will be done by next week, but I know better.  I've spent a lot more time sewing this past 3 days than have in a very long time.

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