Monday, August 30, 2010

Mail Box Monday Blog Hop!

Very few things again this week....but read on, as I felt I had a really nice week despite only a few pieces of mail.

From hausernet I rec'd:  2 pieces of mail, plus People, Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated and Time magazines.

My prize package of 10 prizes from mycoolcontests.  Jasmine took one set of the stickers that are missing from the photo below.  Jasmine also got her package of prizes too.

Oklahoma postcard.

$50 American Express card from gather (replacement prize for the Home Farming Prize pack that I won)

Not free----I joined the Homestyle Books club through inboxdollars.  I earned $10 for joining and ordered myself 3 quilting books, a gardening book, and home project book.  I got Jasmine a drawing book.  I also got a designing book as my free bonus.  I did buy the first 2 of my 4 books needed to buy to fulfill the membership at 50% off.

 In my email:
$10 paypal from gather
.09 from youdata

Please Click the button below and join in the fun, or check out what others got in their mailbox this past week.

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