Wednesday, August 18, 2010

WIP (Work in Progress) Wednesday

I joined stumble upon, and while stumbling, I ran across the blog Every Day Crochet.
She has a neat idea.   WIP Wednesday's!   WIP stands for work in progress.

She has it set up to where it doesn't have to be a craft can be the novel you are writing, your landscaping project, garden project......basically anything you are in the process of.

I will be posting weekly my WIP for my crafting.   It will keep me motivated to always have a work in progress  :)

So, here are my WIP for this week:

 An online friend sent me some gift cards out of the kindness of her heart.  She asked me the price to buy some washclothes from me.  I'm not selling them to her, instead they will be a gift from me.  One complete, another started and one more to go as I plan to send her 3.

 Simple baby quilt.  I have the fabrics cut and the batting pinned to one.  It will be simple because I'm not doing squares.  Instead I am using the Sesame Street material as one piece on each side.  I will pin it, sew the edges and hand tie it.

What are your WIP's?   Can I finish these before next Wednesday and get more work started?

Please click the button below and head over to Every Day Crochet and check out the list. (as I type this she doesn't have the new post up, but I will be on the look out for it and in the meantime add my link to last week.)

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