Friday, March 26, 2010

Resolutions Journal Week 8--March 20--March 26

Not a whole lot to report this week. It's been such a busy week with extra appointments and such. I only had just Thursday to actually stay home the entire day.

Week 8 Accomplishments: March 20-26

Finished crocheting a t-shirt hand bag (that is sold)

I got more t-shirts for my recycled crochet projects and got those all cut and ready to use.

I updated my Legos, Gather squidoo lenses.

Built Bicycle Hostel--Hutchinson, KS squidoo lens.

Put 4 more rows on the quilt top I did last I think it's long enough. Hopefully next week I will find the time to complete it.

Read in my current book--Sins of the Flesh.

I'm hoping for a more productive week next week as far as my online earning ventures.
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