Friday, July 6, 2018

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Been MIA

Seems I have so swamped with everything since coming home from my week away with hubby at the motel!  I didn't get this post done last week, and it's later in the day today already.

Speaking of the motel, one thing I didn't mention in my post 2 weeks ago was how much shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap we are accumulating.  Hubby chooses to put the bottles in his suitcase every morning before work so that they will put out more.
I cleaned out the drawers in the bathroom vanity and now the bottom draw is full of soap and lotion.  The middle draw is shampoo and the top draw is conditioner.
I am very pleased with how my hair looks and feels with the conditioner from the motel where he currently is staying, even though I have no idea what the brand of it is.
We are well stocked, and will not have to spend money on any of that stuff any time soon!
Some different motels also offer other amenities, so we also have some mouthwash, shower caps, wet wipe make up removers, and ear plugs as well.

Is it wrong to make sure to get new each day and  hoard it like we are?  I know lots of people do the same thing.  It means that is money that we don't have to spend buying those items.  Plus, we also can donate the excess to people in need as well, as we did when we filled Bags of Blessings that we gave to the homeless shelter.

I've also still been working very slowly at getting areas of the house cleaned and organized.  It's coming along, but will take awhile at the rate I am finding the needed time to do things right.
The first thing I did when I got home from the week at the motel was to completely clear my desk to set it up like I had the desk at the motel.  It is much more conducive for my work with the way it's set up now instead of devices on top of things.  I'm now on the hunt at amazon for a drawer storage unit to put under my desk for all the things that were on my desk.
I think I will start with this one as it seems it will fit and give me the drawer space that I need for sewing supplies, pens and pencils, and paperwork.  I'm not sure though as I believe the drawers  will only be less then 2 inches deep.  Either way, I need to earn more amazon before I can order.

Let's get to some freebies for this week!
First is the Friday Freebie, which is candy this week.  I always love this to have around to share with the grandkids.

Free Fish or Sour Patch Kids for Kroger & Affiliates

Here are some others that you might want to check out:

Free Subscription to Weight Watchers Magazine

Free Sample of Truvia Natural Sweetener

Free Where is Bear & Amazing Me! It's Busy Being 3 Books

Free Sample of Rituals Cosmetics Foaming Shower Gel

Free That's Tasty Organic Microgreens

Free Arrowhead, Ice Mountain, Ozarka, Deer Park & More

Free Harley-Davidson Racing Stickers

I would love to hear if you are sending for freebies, and what you are doing to live frugally!


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