Friday, January 20, 2017

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Weekly Recap 1/20/17

Whew!  It's been a good week.  The days have flown by.

1.  I had my annual doctor appointment.  I am so thankful that my husband's work covers are health insurance.  That is a HUGE savings.  I am thankful that I earn online and I was able to pay my co-pay for the visit from my online earnings.

2.  I still have yet to buy a Sunday paper for the coupons, but I have been using printable grocery coupons.  I've mentioned the blog, Pinchin Paul, that I am following through twitter.  I opened some of the posts that were for items that we use in our household, printed out the coupons, and actually gave those to my daughter to use.

3.  I'm still working on establishing routines for my day, but still having trouble getting sidetracked--hence why I didn't get this blog post started until noon!  It's not always a bad thing as I was doing some important things this morning getting some ads in rotation and such to hopefully improve my online earning, but I had other plans in my head for how my day was going to go.

4.  I'm still reading The Six Dollar Family on my kindle app.  I'm up to the chapter that includes recipes for health and beauty.  That sounds interesting.  I just might check those out too...and it could be some things to make for my daughters for their Christmas next year.  I will have more on that later.

5.  Not frugal related exactly, but something I just must share!  My youngest daughter gave birth to my 11th grandchild Saturday, January 14th at 6:29 am.  Amelia Isis Marie came in weighing 6 lb 2 oz and was 19 inches.
This is a picture that my daughter shared today on her facebook.  I just love it and want to share it with my readers.

Until next week, I wish everyone a Frugal week ahead.   I wonder what I might have to share with you next week.


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