Friday, January 13, 2017

Frugal Friday with Marsha -- New Year Check In

I didn't get here last Friday to write up a first Frugal Friday of the year last week, but here I am now.

Let's see what's been going on with me in the savings and being Frugal area:

1.  For some reason, for most all of 2016, I stopped using the shopping and earning apps.  I rarely used shopkick, checkpoints (bonus code is my email address, checkout51, savingstar, ibotta, or receipthog.  I have NO idea why I slacked off, but I am kicking myself for lost savings and earnings!!  So far so good this year on getting back to using them.

2.  I've been waiting for the grocery store to get in these net10 phones that they had on sale for $20.  Well, they got them in finally, but then they were on sale for $10!! I ended up buying 2.  Now I can run more apps....not necessarily more, but it frees me up to be able to spend more time in the apps since I moved most of my Swagbucks apps over to the new phones.  I've already earned back the $20 that I spent on the phones.

3,  A good deal at Dollar Tree!  Dollar Tree got in the Snackeez cups.  You've seen these on TV and you can find them in the As Seen on TV section at Wal-mart for $9.88.  I couldn't help but buy a whole case of 12 of them at just $1 each!!!  These will make a great addition to my gift stash for both birthdays and Christmas this year. (They got in both the smaller ones and the larger ones---I bought one of the 2 cases that they got in of the large ones)

4.  I decided that on nights when hubby is in bed and I can't turn on the light to read before going to sleep, that I would get back to reading the books in my Kindle app.  I started with one that I actually had just ordered a sample of.  I re-read the sample and looked through the index and decided to go ahead and spend the $2,99 to buy it.  It's a nice saving book called Six Dollar Family.
I'm already anxious to possibly get back to making my own laundry soap using the recipe she shares, as well as trying to make the dryer sheets too.
It's a lot of common sense book and I am enjoying it, so I will share the link to amazon here with you.
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