Friday, December 2, 2016

Frugal Friday with Marsha--Pogue's Basics: Money (A Review)

For this week's Frugal Friday post, I bring you a review of Pogue's Basics:  Money.

Subtitled Essential Tips and Shortcuts (That No One Bothers to Tell You) About Beating the System, Pogue's Basics: Money is one of those books that you will want to keep on your shelf for future reference.

It's written by David Pogue who has already written Basics on Tech, and Life.  He reveals even more of the tips and tricks that he's picked up over years of searching for loopholes, shortcuts, and better ways of doing thungs that can add up to save hundreds.  Actually, if you were to use every tip in his book, you would save around $61,000 each year.

Let's talk about what you won't find in Pogue's Basics:  Money:
You won't find the obvious tips such as saving for a rainy day, cooking at home instead of eating out, quit smoking, go to free days at the museum, etc.
You won't find recipes for making your own cleaners, or growing your own food, or washing and ironing and re-using paper towels.
You won't find him telling you to make personal sacrifices by giving up comforts--like buying a smaller house, driving a smaller car, eating out less.
You will also not find any unethical tips.  These are all over the internet (and on TV) such as taking extra condiment packets when you eat out, order a cheap soup at a restaurant with all you can eat breadsticks, refill the breadsticks then take them home, telling a business it's your birthday when it's not for a free gift.
You will also not find investment tips.

Pogue's Basics:  Money is set up into 14 chapters:
Shopping Hacks
Credit Cards
Gift-Card Hacks
House and Home
Tech and TV
Food and Drink
Your Body
How to Exploit Group Buying Power
Make Money with No Effort
The Last Legal Tax Dodges
The Personal Money Checkup
Financial Brain Hacks

As I read through the book, I found several things that I didn't know about.  One has to do with my Amazon Prime account.  I look forward to putting that in to affect as it will help my daughter.
I learned about how often I really need to change the oil in my car, which was actually a relief because money wise that is all we do it anyway.
I learned about buying gift cards at a discount---even some tips on what to do with that little bit you have left on a gift card.
I learned about some apps that I hadn't heard of, but think they are great and want to make use of at least one of them when I get the chance.

Of course everyone isn't going to use every tip in the book, but I bet anyone that reads it will find far more to use than the cost of the book.  I know there are things in the book on ways to save that I can only dream of right now, but what if my dreams come true?  You know, on having the money for trips etc.  I'm keeping this book on my shelf to have it as a reference for many things in the future, and you should too!

I am highlighting all 3 of Pogue's Basics below because after reading Money, I have put Tech and Life on my wishlist on amazon.

Disclaimer:  I rec'd a copy of this book in exchange for writing this review.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own.  Post does contain affiliate links.


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