Friday, November 18, 2016

Frugal Friday With Marsha -- Handmade Christmas Gifts

Everyone knows that I make gifts every year, and even more so for the past 7 years or so since joining a sewing group at my church and joining the quilt guild.  I've learned to make so many more things.

One year everyone got simple hotpads.  Another year everyone got a set of coasters.  Another year everyone got pillowcases.  Another year everyone got a lined fabric bag made with Christmas fabric and filled with little goodies.  Last year I gave everyone a microwave hotpad.

This year I am making everyone a drawstring backpack.  This is thanks to the community service project that my quilt guild is doing.  We are making the bags and giving them to First Call for Help where they will be filled with personal hygiene items and given to those in need.

Once I made the 2 bags that I signed up to make, I seen how cute they are.  I showed them to several family members who all wanted one.  You don't go anywhere these days without seeing people carrying the drawstring backpacks.

I already had a fabric drawer full, and another stack of fabrics that I had set aside just for making bags.  Much of my fabric has been given to me when a person cleans out their sewing room.  I always appreciate that they think of me!

I have a lot of bags to get done, and as usual, I am starting so late that all other projects really must be put to the side until I finish the gifts.

I have 3 out of about 25 or so done:

I have some other things that I wanted to make as gifts, but doubt that I get to those.  I wonder if next year might finally be the year that I actually work on gifts ALL year instead of waiting until weeks before Christmas to actually get started on them.

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