Friday, August 22, 2014

Frugal Friday with Marsha 8/22/14

Good Friday morning!
If your weather has been as hot as it's been here in Kansas this week, I hope you have been staying cool.

It's been a really busy week for me with my merchandising work.

I don't have much to report as far as being frugal.....or maybe I do, you know me once I get to typing.

We had about a 24 hour period with no air conditioning.  I tried to look on the bright side as far as the money we were saving on the electric bill.   We drank lots of iced drinks.

I did cut and put this week's Sunday coupons into my binder.

Hubby and I have had leftovers twice this week for supper....ensuring less waste of food.

I ran across this bubblews post which reminded me of when I did a weekly report pretty much exactly like it when I was writing on Themestream.
I'm sharing the post that she wrote for this day and at the same time noticing that she writes these o a regular basis:

How I Saved Money Yesterday-8/15/14


Enjoy and I look forward to posts that you will link up this week!!



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