Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dillon's (Kroger) Shopping--70% Savings!!

Another week where my store is offering where you buy 10 of the certain items and you get an additional $5 off your order.  Woo Hoo!  You all know how I love these sales.
I purchased 30 items for a total of $15.00 off my total order.  The prices I put behind the item reflects the price after the .50 is taken off each one.  Also, remember that my store doubles coupons up to $1 total taken off.
Special items:
5-Green Giant Steamers--on sale for $1.39, used 1-$1/2 coupon, 2-.50/2 coupons as well as .50/2 from each cellfire and shortcuts-- each .69.
3-Honest Tea--on sale for .75--used 3-.50 coupons--profit of .25 on each
4-Carnation Evaporated Milk--on sale for .49 each--used 2-.50/2--profit of .01 on each
3 Heinz Turkey Gravy--on sale for .79 each--used $1/3 coupon --.46/.47 each
5 Swanson Broth--on sale for .49 each, use $1/5 coupon--.28/.29 each
1-Temptations for cats--on sale for $1.09, used .55 coupon--.09
4- Pringles--on sale for .99 each, used $3/1 coupon and a free coupon--each one .65/.66 each
1-Red Baron Pizza--on sale for $2.99--used $1 coupon--$1.99
1- Advil--sale $3--used free coupon and register took off reg.  of $4.35
1-Miracle Whip--sale $2.49--used free coupon and register took off $2.99
1-Colgate toothbrush--on sale for $1--used $1 coupon--free
1-Chunky Soup--$1.15--used .50 coupon--.15

Other items bought:
Idahoan potatoes pouch--on sale for $1--used .40 coupon--.20
Carnation Instant Breakfast--$5.99--used $1 coupon--$4.99
Gallon of milk--$3.08
2 jars of Dole fruit--on sale for $1 each, used $.50/2 coupon--.50 each
Cottonelle Wipes--$2.95--used free coupon
2-Kroger 12 pack soda--$2 each, used $1.2 coupon--$1.50 each
9-Lives dry cat food--on sale for $3.99--used $1 coupon--$2.99
3 cans of store brand wet cat food--$3 for 1
Green Giant Steamers--(this was a mistake, meant to get the smaller size)  It's all good since I saved so much, but this bag was $3.34 , so after .50 on one of the coupons used above $2.84.

So.....I used $33.59 in coupons, plus the extra $15 for a total of $48.59.
I paid $29.39.....woo hoo!!
My receipt shows that I saved 70%, but that takes in the sale prices as well as coupons.
Here is a photo, but I did forget to take the pizza back out of the freezer, or the milk out of the fridge, so they are not in the photo.
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