Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Welcome to WIP (work in progress) Wednesday, hosted by Every Day Crochet.

To play along on Work-in-Progress Wednesday, make your blog post for Wednesday be about something you're working on - some type of craft, renovation project, landscaping, even that novel you're writing. You can play along even if it’s not Wednesday; she leaves each WIP up until the following week.

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Always a good distraction, this past week I had 2 orders to work on.  One, a lady at church wanted a small rug to use to put her dog's food dishes on.  The other was an online order for 4 dish scrubbies.

I didn't get anything done on the quilts past getting some of the materials into the living room to start pictured below.  Ignore the rugs next to it.  The one is what I am using for a chair cushion since it was my first attempt and a mess up.  The other is my first one out of t-shirts, which also bowed, but I starched it down and am now using it in front of the entertainment center.  Since taking the photo late last night, I did get the material cut to make a Scooby Doo bag, which is also an online order.

Below you will see a toothbrush rug that I completed...the first one that didn't bow.  Go me!!  I finally got it right!  I had thought it was big enough and ended it off.  I'm thinking now I should have kept going.  I am still going to put it up for sale.   I then started another one with material that was laying on my desk.  Past the material you see laying beside it, finishing it will have to wait until I get at least one quilt done to see if I have more sheets to work with.

And, I am still working on this prayer shawl....I'm guess it will be 2 more weeks before it's completed.  I only work on it just a bit each day.

I'm off now to check out the other WIPs...please click the button and join in on the fun.

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