Wednesday, August 25, 2010

WIP Wednesday

Good Wednesday to all!  Time for my work in progress report.

Click the button at the end of my blog and join us in the fun of WIP Wednesday's.

This is my 2nd week to participate and I'm really enjoying it.  I feel it will help keep me motivated to always have projects in the works.

If you aren't a crafter, do a WIP on the book you are writing, landscaping you are doing, home remodeling, etc.

Now, on to my WIP's

Here are 2 photos of my progress on the strip quilts.  The first photo is just getting the material ready to be cut.  The 2nd photo is after I have the material cut.   I have 2 pillow forms I've never used, so I also cut large squares so that I can do the strip quilt pattern on the pillows too.

The 3rd photo is what became my distraction to not get further on the quilt.   I got an order through the Online Craft Mall for 2 of my Barbie bedding sets.  I didn't intend for them to be a work in progress, as I had hoped to have had them done and in the mail.  It's taking longer for me to make them than I remember.  However, I will always take an order for a distraction anytime!

Until next Wednesday, take care and keep on working!  Click the button below to add your own WIP post to the list.  Also to check out the others on the list.

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