Friday, March 19, 2010

Resolutions Journal Week 7--March 13--March 19

My resolutions for this year include:

1. Using the exercise equipment we have on a regular basis.

2. Reading whenever I get a chance so that I can do more book reviews and in turn turn those

book reviews into squidoo lenses.

3. Getting back to my online business. As a whole I call it Gifts Galore and More, but

includes everything that I do online to earn money.
I will be updating or building a new squidoo lens each day, working on getting crafts made and

listed for sale, getting more books listed for sale, etc.

4. Getting my blog back going again.

Week 7 Accomplishments: March 13-19

Started reading Sins of the Flesh for my next book.

Updated Kansas-Our First Lapbook and Rich Kid Smart Kid squidoo lenses.

Built Miserly Moms--Book Review squidoo lens.

Cut the remaining t-shirts I have for projects.

Did a blog post on Wednesday and Thursday (and today to post this)

Sewed together a quilt top....but now wondering if I should leave it as is, or add to the top and bottom to make it longer.

I didn't do a thing as far as my crafts until Thursday. I have been working on cutting and filing piles of coupons on my desk. I still didn't get those done, but they do need to be done. I didn't use the exercise equipment either....wondering if I can make myself get back into exercise or not. Seems I get way too much just up and down the basement stairs and doing housework etc.
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