Sunday, March 1, 2015

Super Sunday Reviews -- Thinking Anew

Thinking Anew Harnessing the Power of Belief by Eugene F. Moynihan, Jr. and Richard F. Quis is one of the best things that's happened to me in a long time.
This book is 200 pages of awesomeness.
Ok, there are only 36 pages of total reading, including the 2 author pages in the back of the book, but those pages are mighty powerful.

In Thinking Anew, the authors teach you to think anew, change your life for the positive by not only positive thinking, but writing those positives out as well.
The rest of the book are notebook pages just like a composition notebook would have. They do have the words Thinking Anew at the top of each page.

This book has made such a difference in my life in only a short time. I've always been a positive person, but recently that's become harder for me.
It's pretty awesome the way they have the book set up too. I love that you have your pages for writing right there with the book, and plenty of them as well.
I started writing February 20th. Several times already I have gone back to specific sections of the "instructions" to renew my mind of what I am doing this for.

Eight pages of the 36 are writing prompts to get you started and keep you going. You don't have to only use those as you will think of your own the more you write. I have truly appreciated the prompts.
I also like the suggestion in the book that if you have a picture of something you are writing about, then glue that in to the notebook as well. This makes it like a vision board in a way, although it's already a vision by seeing what you are writing. As of yet I've not done that, but I sure plan to!

I highly recommend this book to everyone, no matter where you are in your life!

These excerpts from some of the information that they sent me with the book will help you understand it more:

"Some people feel like they've totally lost control of their mind and body. They are addicted to drugs, alcohol or food, or operate entirely at other people's bidding. Many feel they've hit a brick wall trying to change their lifestyle. Some people are frustrated that no one finds them attractive or enjoyable to be with anymore. Others are so frustrated by life they feel that nothing they want is attainable.

If you feel like you on cruise control to nowhere is there any way for you to stop?"

Sure there is!

"You start each day by getting out a piece of paper, and writing down what you want to happen. Their new book, Thinking Anew, explains how writing things down can be the simplest and most powerful thing you can do to get yourself moving towards your goals, regain your direction and your confidence, and place you in control over what happens to you."

"Writing down what you intentions are each day focuses your mind on what you want. The act of writing helps you achieve clarity and frees your mind to use your imagination. You decide what is important and you put away what is not. Your subconscious mind then goes to work and helps you achieve what you want for the entire rest of the day."

It doesn't matter what you want to change, whether it's losing weight, changing your behavior, making more money, rid yourself of an addiction, have a better relationship, or any other challenges, Thinking Anew will help you!
As I said, I see and feel such a positive difference in my life just since starting to write February 20th. I missed one day writing first thing in the morning as I over slept. The rest of that day was nothing bu chaos. The power of positive thinking and writing is real!

Again, I can't recommend this book enough.

Disclaimer: I rec'd a copy of Thinking Anew along with promotional materials for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions are my own. This post does include affiliate links.


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